Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back to School

Lately I feel like I've been planning my life to the second. Which I don't mind actually. Usually 6 out of 7 days during the week I'm stressing about some unplanned event or abrupt change in my organized schedule. Now, as my summer is coming to a dreadfully sad close, I have started to do some planning, and futuristic thinking (which to many of you may seem psycho once you read).
I mean naturally I've been making shopping lists for myself for when I return to Ohio w/ my mom (I mean, lets be honest I only have 3 days in Hudson to get my life together before I return to college). This past weekend, my dad was nice enough to take me to Ikea, in which he purchased me a beautiful mini modern like couch, a pink black and red floor rug and a sexy new table to put candles books etc. Although, get ready, the shipping was 200 dollars! (I was astonished that my dad didnt chuck the purchases and head for Bed Bath & Beyond) But I guess he knew how much I adored the items. (Hopefully they will arrive in Hudson before Saturday the 28th rolls around). Anyway, I still need to find a fridge big enough to freeze my vegan specialties as well as a comfy mattress pad and some new THREADS! WOO HOO. I cant tell you how excited I am to go shopping when my mom gets here. Granted I wont be able to go crazy as usual. BUT I have my eye on a few vintage pieces, and a few not so vintage, like....
- New long multi-colored sweater from Olive & Bette's
- Layering tanks from American Apparel (esp. grey & lavender)
- Converse high tops in midnight blue
- True religion faded jeans (which I will hopefully purchase from a sketch guy that sells them out of his van on thurs. nights for half the original price).
- an Indian skirt which I will convert into a dress (I've been thinking)
etc etc etc.

I also need to do some grocery shopping when I return to OH. I plan on eating at Lowry every day but not my full meal. I will be cooking each weekend at home & bringing back food to keep in the fridge. (This may seem crazy, but its important to me!) I need to stock up on lentils, essene bread, FRUIT, fruit leather straps, larabars, tahini, peanut butter, split peas, brown rice avocados & tomatoes (new favorite sandwich) and of course my new obsession (dates) & possibly date and pecan rolls if I'm feeling naughty.

Well now that I've made my lists, I've also GLADLY decided on an I.S. topic. I will be writing about a fundamentalist Christian group titled "Love in Action" It is the only group in the U.S. that takes in homosexual teenagers and tries to convince them that being straight is God's will. (which makes me mad and WHICH I'm passionate about) So yay.

Also, I've definately been looking in Grad. schools and my number one right now is Loyola in Chicago (my fav. city!) And the best part....I think Brian is going to be living there next year so he can set us up for next summer! yay again.

So now that I gave you my whole life story, I think its time, sniff sniff, I know its so hard......I have to...say goodbye.

current mood - freaking out about gross bugs on my desk (I just killed one & hypervenilated)


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