Friday, August 19, 2005

I dont know what to feel

Last day at work.

Times tears came to my eyes? 3 so far, which means I'm doing pretty good. Honestly every time Brian comes downstairs to give me a kiss or hug, my eyes begin to water. He's really sad too which def. doesnt help me. Ok Ok I definately need to start looking at the bright side of things or I'm going to be a mess on Tuesday.
Alright, lets see....
- Tonight Brian and I are having our "last night alone date". We've been saving up for it since summer began! We're going to our favorite sushi place in NYC, Kirara in the West Village (their corn tea is amazing) then going dancing all night (and of course splurging on overpriced cocktails). I'm so excited.
- My mom is coming tomorrow and I am so ready to see her, its been too long. We'll have fun I'm sure.
- I get to go clothes shopping this weekend, yay!
- I get to party w/ my girls so soon :)
- THE BEST, I get my hair done tomorrow, yay!!! I honestly cant wait. As Brian put it, I should be excited considering I've been talking about it since the day I made my appt. 2 months ago.

So I guess I have some exciting events/people to look forward to.
However, in the end I am still leaving the person that makes me the happiest I've ever been in a city which I've come to love.

current mood - Trying to look on the bright side


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