Monday, August 15, 2005

Talk about a hangover

UGH. You know those headaches you get right above your right or left eye brow. Its just one small spot that kills, sometimes you can even feel your own heart beat on that one tiny spot. Well, yes I have one right now and after trying to remedy it by drinking 2 bottles of water I thought I was dehydrated And taking 2 motrin's nothing seems to be working. Thats life I guess.

This weekend was in a word, useless due to excessive alcohol on Saturday night. Let me brief you w/ the events.
Well, "E" or Emmanuel as some of you may know, has been staying at our apartment for the last week. Hes here in NY visiting friends and also, at times, chilling w/ Brian and myself. Well, on Saturday night it was a serious Beta reunion. (Paul, Chewy, Ian, Petronio, Farrel & E, plus a few Zeta's and myself). We all decided to get together in Ian's apartment in the Financial District to have some drinks and catch up. AND boy did I. (Before I elaborate any further, let me preface by saying that Brian and I spent the afternoon at my Dad's for his b-day, and YES we downed 2 bottles of wine at an AMAZING french restaurant). Anyway, by the time my dad drove us home, I was dehydrated from the wine and not feeling so hot.
We decided we needed to recharge! Brian bought me 2 Smirnoffs (the corner store was out of Sparks sadly) and we sat and drank. Before we left our apartment (11:30) I realized I wasnt nearly as drunk as I should be to attend one of these sort of gatherings, so I took 2 shots of stoli vanilla vodka, and gagged after each one. (Yes, I'm stupid I know).

So, we're there in Ian's apartment. Brian is having fun, leaving me to my own devices and I find myself comfortably w/ the girls. After a strong, and I mean STRONG gin & tonic Ian made me and a half bud light later, I was wasted. We went to a bar around 3 and Nicole & I drank some apple cider's. They were suprisingly good, given my condition, but one more and I would def. lose it.

2 hours (5 am) and a cheese quesadilla later Brian and I were passed out in our loft. Before Sunday, I thought I had experienced a bad hangover. Wow. I was wrong. I have never felt more sick in my entire life. It was one of those days where lifting your head brought tears to your eyes. Luckily by bed time I was feeling back to normal. So much for a productive weekend.
But, it was definately worth it.

current mood - Happy for some reason that its Monday.


Blogger Justine said...

but the stories are usually worth the headache, wouldn't you agree?? can't wait to get crazy when we get back to school!

11:08 AM  

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