Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Procrastination is my new jam, SADLY

Ok, so its been awhile since I've posted. However, due to the nagging of my adorable little sister, I've decided to grace you w/ my prescence once again. Excited? I thought so.

College has been SO weird so far, as I pointed out in my previous post. BUT unlike the last post, I am starting to come around, and embrace my new lifestyle w/ more optimism. Actually I am having a blast, besides the fact that I act like I have NO work to do when clearly I'm far behind.

Last night was a classic example of my laziness. After working out w/ eggz and Kate, we came home, enjoyed some lollipops and watched Laguna Beach and Sweet Sixteen for an hour (so amazing by the way). Then, because I'm an idiot, I realize that I have like 70 pgs of the most boring book in the world read by tomorrow. So I complain to my friends about it for a good ten minutes and walk back to my room (sigh). Then, of course distraction number two, BRIAN CALLS. Not that I dont love talking to him, but last night I felt as though I was talking to Paul and Brian. (it was amusing tho). Who could resist Paul telling a story to Brian to relay to me about how he saw a bizarro Noel in J.Crew the other day. Random haha.
Then after procrastination on the phone for 30 mintues, distraction number three: Talking about abs. nothing for 3 hrs (yes 3 hrs) w/ Ham and eggz. We honestly didn't even notice that we talked til 2:15 am, but we did. Oh well, at least I got my laughs in for the day.
So all in all college is going well. We hit the bars enough (I'm officially poor) but its fun to be w/ all my friends esp those I havent seen in awhile (Dave, Max Peter etc.)

So now that I have procrastinated even more by writing this blog, I'm going to say ciao.

Current mood - ready for lunch


Blogger Justine said...

If I remember correctly, your little sis was quite schwasted when she nagged you about your blog. Now that's embarrassing.

1:12 PM  

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