Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blonde = stressed

Whenever my life is stressful, killing me and stealing my soul, I need a change.
This time, (havent decided whether a good decision or not) is dying my hair blonde. I like it, but I'm not sure it fits my weirdness. Makes me too seemingly apparent? I'm not sure yet. Time will tell I suppose.....

OH I cant believe I'm sitting here writing on this journal when I have loads and loads or work to do. Not only did I spend my fall break attending to my exceedingly sick mother (I joke about it to avoid the tears) BUT I have IS, work, and the NCA convention in 3 weeks to think about.

P.S. Why didnt I receive the memo that Senior year sucks?
Ok, I hate complaining but I do love it at the same time and it is crucial right now. I HAVE NO LIFE. Spacing out at my desk whil trying to write papers is actually enjoyable now. Its an actual moment in my day when I dont want to shove my mechanical pencil through my hand. YIKES I need to chill

Current mood - ugh, work


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