Sunday, October 09, 2005


After a few somewhat shady posts, I decided to write something a little more upbeat, well at least for the time being given my omni present pessimism.

I am, glad to say, very content with my life right now. As Brian would say, I was a loser for going home this weekend, and while I do sort of agree with him, I had a great time. And no, I didnt go out w/ some of my Hudson friends, and no I didn't go shopping or spend my weekend completely busy doing useless "fun things" like going to the movies or taking trips to Beachwood (although I do love doing those things). Instead I spent the weekend relaxing w/ my mom and spending some time volunteering (the nerd herd called I know). But it felt good to get away from Wooster. Especially as a senior, even more so than when I was a freshmen, I love going home. Maybe its because I'm over the whole "woo hoo lets get fucked up" mentality...well at least I was this weekend haha. I went to the apple orchard (which I love) and despite the weather, I spent a great deal of time outside because I absolutely adore Autumn. Its so amazing. The leaves, the clouds, the chilly air. While it can be quite depressing at times, there is a certain calmness in it.

AND I'm especially happy b/c Brian is coming this weekend! UGH I seriously cannot wait to see him. We are so happy together now, as usual and I love it. I'm also thankful its not like France either, when I can only talk to him maybe once a week. NOW I get to talk to him 3 times a day (if I want) which always puts a smile on my face. I can't wait to lay in bed all day and go out to dinner and kiss him over and over and OVER. Ok enough, I'm annoying.

So yay for this week!

current mood - Tired and in need of a long hot shower


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