Monday, December 05, 2005

4 more

Of course I want to be done with work by now, but I need a break. I just spent the last 40 mintues in my room staring at my wall. Yes, staring. Not watching TV, or talking on the phone and staring, just staring...sigh.

I feel like I'm not in school right now. Granted this is the most stressful time of the year (I have work coming out of my ass) but I'm hardly ever here. When I am actually in Wooster I am either trapped in the library for 6 hrs. at a time, OR I'm working at the Olde Jaol not making any money.
I cannot WAIT to go home this saturday for GOOD. I get to work for this Christmas charity my mom and I run every year this coming weekend. I would go home friday, BUT I havent seen my friends in ages, so I should probably go out w/ them at least once before I leave. YAY I get to see Brian next wed. too. Maybe I'll bake him some Christmas cookies so he's not too homesick during the holiday season. UGH I miss him to death. I wish he was here everyday. I cringe every time I see some couple walking and giggling together. I resent them and envy them at the same time. It just isnt the same here w/ out Oats.

Well, I have to keep on truckin and get this work DONE. This is how I will think about it: 2 more reeeeeally stressful nights til I get to LEAVE, lay in my pj's all day, have lots of fun w/ my momma and family, eat an assortment of food my mom shoves in my face when Im home (cause apparently I "dont eat enough") and see the SEXIEST man there is. ever.

Friday, where are you?

current mood - IS IS IS...think it, dream it, DO IT.


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