Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Birthday

Well technically its 12:38 am on Friday so sadly, its not my birthday anymore.

However, I ended up having such a fabulous birthday, and completely unexpected might I add.

It started when I was startled awake this morning by a birthday message from my Aunt Vickey. Yes it was 7:00 am and yes she talked to me for 15 minutes about how she had felt so guilty for not sending my card on time. I couldnt understand half of what she said b/c I was concentrating too hard on keeping myself conscious while exceedingly hungover from Around the World.

Then of course came the other birthday calls, mostly all before 9:00 am. My Aunt Gloria, my brother and my mom twice. UGH. Luckily the rest were after 11:00 but still lets be honest. I turn 22 in a span of 24 hrs, do the calls all to have to come in the wee hours of the morning?
Even though it was annoying, I sneaky loved it. The calls made me feel all warm and special tee hee.

Well, after my painful 9:30 class, I crawled home to my bed and listened to the 2 funniest messages I have ever received: My mom and then Brian both singing awful renditions of happy birthday into my voicemail. UGH it def. made my day. Hamer then gave me the cutest stuffed rhino w/ peppermint patties (yum) and last night Court gave me some alcohol and peanut butter cups. Well to say I had a stomachache today from all the candy and mixed drinks would definately be an understatement.
So......I watched lifetime movies all afternoon, talked w/ Brian frequently, and also got a suprise from my momma: some lavender roses (my fav.) and b-day balloons! YAY. The only bad part was the fact that I had to walk with them blowing and sticking to my head all the way from Lowry. So not socially acceptable.
All of us went to dinner at CW's where the food sucked but the company could not have been better. I begged the girls not to sing while I hovered over my buellers cake with lime green icing. I then came home to the nicest email I have ever received from anyone. I dont think Brian could have said nicer things in this profoundly amazing email, it made me tear up.
I have to say this birthday could not have been any better.

current thought - UGH can Brian call me so I can go to bed?


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