Thursday, January 12, 2006

Same shit different day

Yep, you guessed it.

Just another boring day at Argotea cafe in downtown Chicago. While complaining is my specialty, I do admit: this place is my sneaky. Every morning here, I'm usually grumpy and pissed at Brian for not waking when his alarm sounds at fricking 7:30 am. I can hear a feather fall to the floor when Im sound asleep, so you can imagine what I feel when I hear him press the snooze 6 yes 6 TIMES. errrrr. BUT then I can come here, eat my yummy blueberry muffin, drink my green tea and work or eh.....well think about I.S.
Lately I've been feeling like such a prize house wife. Yesterday afternoon after I had lunch w/ Bri in the city (went to Chipotle UGH too much food) I decided to go back to the apartment in Wrigleyville and go grocery shopping at Whole Foods. Which you can probably guess, three dudes that just graduated from college and never cook most likely have no vegetarian options for me in their fridge. So I bought the standard fruits/vegetables and some vegan cookies/soymilk. On the drive home I slowly reazlied that I have to park my car on the skinniest street ever in existance. Now, to be blunt I CANNOT parallel park. But if you live in Chicago, you have to, and you HAVE TO be good at it. I realized as I drove up to Roscoe St. I suck at parking. Luckily I spent a good 6 mins parking my fabulous Honda while some scary dude in his bright silver SUV honked at me. Fuck off. His dick was probably the size of a threading needle anyway,
I then, I DONT KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME, cleaned their nasty kitchen. The things we do when we dont want to work on I.S. To be honest, I have been worrying about all the work I have to do when I return on Sunday. I'm totally screwed. But life is life.
All I have to keep reminding myself is 4 more months. 4 months of this bullshit and I will be done. I cannot wait to move here, I cannot wait for my mom to hopefully get better, I cannot wait to be happy!!! hipppppeee!

current thought - Will someone steal my computer if I go to the bathroom right quick?


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