Monday, February 13, 2006

The Day I Fell

Ok, so cliche here I come, but since it is technically Valentine's Day in less than 60 minutes, I thought I would take some time on this crappy Monday evening to recreate the night Brian and I met. (well...err...technically).

Free you mind and picture the following series of events:

Freshman year. Single? Finally. Satisifed? Actually, since I had been "making the rounds" as my lovely 7 friends liked to remind me, I suppose I wasnt doing too bad. It was spring, the weather was sunny and warm and Alison was trying to convince me to go to the Beta formal w/ Stu. "Crystal you have to go! Its going to be so awkard w/ Brian" (yes, Brian Hunt my current boyfriend). I was definately hesitant. While I did love Stu as a friend I was worried about spending the night alone w/ him (of course he got a single at the hotel).
Reluctantly, however, I decided to go. I remember driving down (alone) w/ Stu in his truck. Back roads, good conversation and the cd Megan made me was blaring in his stereo. Where was Alison I wondered....
Finally, 40 mintues later we arrive. The lobby was flooded w/ Betas I didnt know. I was that dreaded freshman girl. UGH kill me. Finally I see Alison in the distance walking down a long ugly colored hall w/ Brian keeping purposely far behind. We hug. We get dressed, and then the fun began.

Al had been telling me that her and Brian were not being very talkative w/ each other at dinner. I didnt even know Brian, but I told her to ignore him and to let him ignore her. She agreed. While I sat at a table w/ Stu and 8 other randoms munching on my second stale roll (I didnt dare touch the salsbury steak) I felt awkward. I looked around the room and oddly caught Brian looking at me. I smiled. He smiled. Of course I didnt think anything of it, so I continued being silent and awkward, letting the older people at my table do the talking.
Finally, dinner was over and we all sat around chatting while the sketch DJ set his equipment up. Suddenly, I look to my right, and Brian was sitting next to me. "You look bored, you're having fun arent you?" I knodded. The next thing I knew we both decided it was time to start drinking. For some inexplicable reason, the formal was lacking some serious excitement. So we both headed upstairs together. Again, I didnt think anything of it. I mean, it was Brian Hunt. Who? Exactly.
So we decide to have a drink in my room before heading down to the "dance." Brian turned on bball b/c Adrian Griffin was playing (his fav) and I sat there making fun of him as he watched intently.
Then, the dreaded confrontation. Adam VanWagner walks in. He drinks w/ us then stares at us. "You two are gonna hook up." What? No way man" Brian said. Wow did I feel out of place. Thanks, Adam, thank you so much.
Then, of course Adam leaves w/ that comment hanging over us like a bad, predetermined hangover. He turns to me, after keeping his eyes on the TV the whole time, and says "Do you think Alison will be mad?" "Why?" I was confused. "Because this is awkward." "It is?" Again confused. " "You dont think this is awkward?" And before I could answer, he leaned in, and (get ready to gag) gave me the most unexpected, yet amazing kiss in my entire life. Oddly we both started laughing after those incredibly long 30 seconds. "Dont say anything" he said. Lets just have fun.
Now I know what you're thinking. We hooked up, oww OWW. What kind of a hoe do you think I am? Contrary to your personal opinion, I happen to be a classy one thank you very much.
So yes, we began hooking up, but we both understood that he was leaving for France in 2 months and we would never be able to have a relationship. emmm.....7 days before graduation (we had been doing our thang for about 6 weeks at that point) he told me we had to "talk". Now everyone knows what that means....the whole bla bla bla this is too much for me shpeal, I need some space.
Again, I was wrong. He showed up at my door at 2 am and told me that he was in love w/ me. He didnt care about New Hampshire, France, or what his friends thought. It was honestly the best moment I can remember....We both had tears in the far corners of our eyes (sorry Bri) but it was in that moment that I knew. I knew nothing could be any better or sweeter than this. The boy I adored (he had no idea) was desperately trying to explain how much he cared about me. He fumbled, he chose the wrong words and paused at the wrong times, but I can tell you that I remember every word exactly. And it was and still is perfect.

Oddly, thanks to Stu Timken and Alison Bongiovanni (take a bow lovelies) I have found my therapist, my number one fan, my best friend , my lover, my everything.

Happy Valentine's Day.

current thought - Wishing I was in Chicago....


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